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How to convert videos from HD to HD, HD to SD and SD to SD?

- A through guide about mediAvatar HD Video Converter

mediAvatar HD Video Converter supports decoding and encoding all popular HD (high-definition) video formats, and also general video and audio formats, with which you can convert HD to HD, HD to SD, SD to HD and also SD to SD video formats. You can also use this HD Video Converter as M2TS converter, AVCHD converter, MKV Converter, general video converter, audio converter and audio extractor. Converting HD video formats with this HD converter is rather easy with only 3 steps: load HD video files, select the output formats, and click "Convert"!

However, customization options are available within these threee simple steps to help users customize the effect of the outputted video files. Below is the step by step guide of how to convert HD video files.

First, download, install and launch mediAvatar HD Video Converter. You will see how this HD video converter looks like:

how to convert hd to hd videos

Step 1: Load HD videos into this HD video converter

Drag and drop HD videos you want onto the main program window, or click on "Add File(s)" button on the toolbar or "File > Add File(s)..." menu option to load the HD video files you want to convert. Or click "File > Add Folder" menu option to choose a folder and load all the supported video and audio files in this folder to this HD converter.

how to convert hd videos

Step 2: Choose output format and destination

Click "Browse" button to choose the output folder for saving the outputted files.

If you own iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP or iTunes, you can connect your device to your computer, then open the drop-down list beside "Open" button to check "Output to iPad", "Output to iPod", "Output to iPhone", "Output to PSP" or "Output to iTunes" option, which means this HD video converter will transfer the target videos to your iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP or iTunes directly after conversion.

convert hd video to video

Click to open "Profile" drop-down list to set the output format for all the checked files, If you want, you can set different formats for different files. This video converter sorts the conversion profiles by common use, devices and user-defined to simplify your selection of conversion profiles.

hd to video converter

If you have multiple multimedia devices and want to make the files compatible with all these devices, then click "Add Output Profile" button on the toolbar to add as many output profiles as you want for the files you want to make them converted at one go.

how to convert hd video

All the profiles are optimized in parameters by default, which means you can find the most appropriate profile without any extra settings. However, to satisfy different demands, this HD video converter also comes with lots of adjustable parameters available for adjusting. Click the down arrow on the right panel, choose "Basic Settings", "Video Codec", "Audio Codec", or "Metadata" option to go to their respective setting panel to adjust the parameters freely. Or click the right arrow to expand the "Advanced Profile Settings" window, from which you can adjust all the parameters freely as below.

how to convert hd videos

If you're not satisfied with the output file size, you can define it by yourself with the built-in bitrate calculator. Click "Bitrate Claculator" menu option to open the "Bitrate Claculator" dialog, enter the file size you want, then the corresponding video bit rate will be computed automcatically. Click "OK" to return to the main window, then the output file size you want will be displayed in the file list.

convert hd videos

To help facilitate away-from-keyboard conversions, this HD converter has the ability to shutdown, stand by, or hibernate the computer or close itself automatically after conversions are finished. To make use of these options, look under the "Actions > Post Task Actions" drop-down menu.

You can check the CPU usage below the file list. To make full use of your CPU or customize the CPU usage or conversion speed, go to "Preferences > Convert" tab by clicking "Preferences" button beside the CPU usage t to set the CPU core number for converting videos. If you have GPU-enbaled CPU, the HD converter will detect it automatically and the "Enable GPU Acceleration" option is available for you to activate.

convert hd to sd

In the "Preferences" window, you can also set the "System Power Management Options", "Maximum Simultaneous Running Processes", "Post Task Action" and other options.

Step 3: Convert

After the above settings, click "Convert" button on the toolbar to start converting HD videos! Okay, that's all!

hd video convert

See, it's so easy to convert HD video files with mediAvatar HD Video Converter!

Anyway, this HD video converter has more editing options. Go to the product tour of this HD video converter to explore more features!